Hello, I love you (Won’t you tell me your name?)

Hello, I love you
Let me jump in your game

When people ask me what I do, I like to say

‘I’m a writer’.

Then comes the followup question.

‘Oh, what sorts of things do you write?’

Uuuuhhhhhh. Scripts? Sortof? A lot of lists? Lyrics? Facebook comments on beauty groups and impassioned pleas for people to vote? It’s none of your business leave me alone why did I say anything oh my god someone help I’m not really a writer

‘I’m doing an MA in scriptwriting’

‘Oh, so you’re still studying. What do you want to do with that?’

I mean, honestly I have no idea. I always wanted to be a writer, and then life happened and I hated studying Jane Eyre at college and all of a sudden I was doing a History degree. Then five years happened, all of a sudden I’m half-way to being 50 (thanks for the constant reminders, Nana) and now I’m expected to know what I want to do for a living?

An even bigger uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhh.

Like many people my age, I feel a little stuck. I have no grand plan, no fall-back, a lot of ambition and nowhere to put it. This has definitely made me feel bad in the past – adrift, without anything substantial to offer to the universe. When I think about the apathy that has so often crushed me into staying in bed on a lovely day, or the hours I’ve wasted procrastinating difficult thoughts, it can be pretty upsetting. I don’t think I’m alone in this, either. Shout out to you if you’re reading this in bed, on a bad day, trying to find ‘the point’. I’ve been there, and I’ll probably be back there next week at some point. I feel you.

But the other week, something funny happened. I was answering someone’s question about a skincare product on one group, and copying and pasting the answer to someone else as well. Lazy? Kinda. A girl has no time for reproduction of labour. But on both accounts, it was helpful. So I figure, why not put it all into one place? Sure that’s the ultimate lazy-person hack, write it once and not again? And still get to prod your nose in? Winner! So, hopefully this blog is going to make my life being the gobby person I am a little more streamlined.

Marble and self-doubt. Could I be any more millennial?

It’s also given me some drive back.

I know that writing this, I’m not really ‘putting into’ the universe in a big way, but I do know how reading other people’s blogs makes me feel. I love the escapism, diving into someone else’s life, in a way that feels more real than a book (obviously). Harry Potter was my first love, but reading blogs feels like the perfect in-between of reality TV and fantasy novels. And hopefully, someone can get out of this what I’ve managed to get out of other amazing bloggers.

Expect music reviews of classic albums and live shows, beauty and skincare opinions (potentially even including some fun diagrams!), playlists and styling pieces, as well as interviews with my cool pals.

Time to jump in?

MORRISON, J. 1986. Waiting for the Sun. The Doors. Hello, I love you. Elektra.

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